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Dofollow blog about cancer prevention Cancer Prevention – Cancer is the number two killer disease Worldwide, 12.5 percent of deaths caused by cancer, exceeding the number of deaths from HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Research shows that cancer is a major health problem in developing countries. More than 50 percent of cancer patients around the world [...]

Dc-cik Cell Immunotherapy Can Prevent Advanced Lung Cancer Metastasis

If the treatment is surgery, patients with advanced lung cancer can not be effectively treated, also can not inhibit tumor recurrence and metastasis. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy not suitable for advanced lung cancer patients, especially elderly patients. Emergence of drug resistance in patients, Patients with normal immune function has been greatly damaged, etc. DC-CIK cell immunotherapy [...]

The Main Types Of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is one the most prevalent forms of cancer among the American population. Although inappropriate diet and unhealthy lifestyle considerably increase the risks of developing colon cancer, many forms of the disease occur on the premises of underlying genetic predispositions. Statistics reveal that more than 5 percent of colon cancers worldwide are caused solely [...]

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